Use cases of Proxy Servers:

The proxy server will help you in improving your browsing experience. Some of the use cases of proxy servers are:

Security: This is the most important benefit of using proxy servers. Proxy servers will change your IP address. This will ensure that hackers can’t get access to your systems easily.

Firewalls: These systems will also protect your network from threats. Firewalls will ensure that only authorized users can access your network. They will block unwanted access from your systems. Proxy servers will act as hosts for these security solutions. They will check if the traffic is legit or not.

Filtering Content: Most organizations are using these proxy servers for filtering content. You can use them to block the outgoing traffic. This will ensure that your employees can’t access unsafe sites. However, your employees can also use their own proxy servers for bypassing this restriction.

Caching: In this, the proxy server will store the information on the sites that you frequently visit. This will ensure that you don’t need to load information again. Thus, proxy servers can help you in reducing network latency.