5 Mainly Reasons to use a Proxy Server

Organizations and individuals use Proxy Server for different purposes and functions; here are some of the main reasons for using Proxy server:

Some organizations tend to hide their IPs so that they can operate anonymously and privately on the web; As we mentioned at the beginning of the article; the proxy servers can change IPs, and some of them recognize information related to web requests;

As a result for server, the IP of the system that sent the original information; Will not be clear; As a result, personal information of individuals and information displayed by searched websites remains a secret.

Advanced security
proxy server with the ability to encrypt data and web requests improves security to an advanced level so no one can see this information, and another action of the Proxy server to increase security is to access sites containing known malware Are blocking.

In addition to these capabilities, individuals and organizations can pair the proxy server with a virtual private network and access the Internet directly through a remote proxy server.

With the help of a Virtual private network, users outside the organization will have access to the organization’s network remotely, and the organization can monitor the access of these users to the resources they need, such as email or internal information. In this case, they have been able to protect their data by establishing a secure connection with the help of the Proxy server.

Proper speed and bandwidth
Using a proxy server increases the level of performance on a network; If thousands of people want to visit a site simultaneously, the Proxy server sends only one request to that IP Address to prevent bandwidth reduction.

Also, by caching popular sites and information, By requesting the same information from the user, the answer to the request is quickly provided to the user from the cached data, which will have a quick response and save bandwidth.

Restrict users and control Internet usage
With the help of a Proxy Server, organizations can monitor how employees use the Internet and all web requests, which determines how much time employees spend in cyberspace and can even set restrictions to prevent employees from accessing websites designated by the organization.

Access to blocked resources
A proxy server can provide access to resources that are restricted or blocked by the organization or government by changing the IP and using the IPs of other countries.