Getting Started

To set up your endpoints manually, follow the instructions below.
Make a request to using a residential proxy from a random location through our backconnect entry. Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your proxy user credentials. Keep in mind that each request returns a new IP address as IPHTML Residential Proxies rotate automatically.


Now make a request using a proxy from United States. All you need to do is add country-US to your username string. Below is an example in cURL, and here you can find code samples in other languages.
curl -x -U "USERNAME-country-US:PASSWORD"

Here is another example of a request that goes through a proxy from Los Angeles, United States Adding country-US-city-city-Los Angeles to the username string enables you to specify a city. Click here to get more information on how to master city-level proxy targeting.
curl -x -U "USERNAME-country-US-city-Los Angeles:PASSWORD"

If you need to keep the same proxy for more than one request, use a session control. Add session-r123456 to your username string, where r123456 can be any random string, and as long as you keep sending requests with this string (session ID), you will get the same proxy IP. Learn more here.
curl -x -U "USERNAME-session-r123456:PASSWORD"

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager or our support team at [email protected]

Select Country

Adding a country flag to the authorization header enables one to specify which country IP to use to process the request. The value of this parameter is a case insensitive country code in 2-letter 3166-1 alpha-2 format. For example, US for United States, GB for the United Kingdom , IN for the India, and FR for France proxy. See the examples for more details.

curl -x -U "USERNAME-country-US:PASSWORD"

Select State

To get a proxy from a specific US state, add the state flag to the authorization string. For example, -country-US-state-Ca

curl -x -U "USERNAME-country-US-state-Ca:PASSWORD"

Select City

Add a city parameter to narrow down to city-level targeting. For example, country-US-city-Los Angeles means that a proxy from Los Angeles, United States, will handle the query. We support every city in the world, but we do not guarantee we will have proxies there. Most popular cities are well covered and will have many proxies to choose from. Here are a few examples of valid combinations of city parameters:

curl -x -U "USERNAME-country-US-city-Los Angeles:PASSWORD"

Session Control

The session ID parameter allows you to keep the same IP address to run multiple requests. To reuse the same IP multiple times, use sessid parameter after username with randomly created alphanumeric string, for example, session-r123456
The standard session time is 10 minutes or up to 60s of inactivity (no requests). After that, a new IP address is assigned automatically. To adjust desired session time please refer to Session time.

Credentials list example:
Example represents a list of credentials that establish different sessions.


Code example:
curl -x -U "USERNAME-session-r1234567:PASSWORD"